How to Avoid Paying More for a Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contract

Today, the easiest and most convenient method of getting the latest mobile phone is signing a contract with a phone provider. For many people in the UK, putting together over 900 dollars to purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 could take a lot of time. However, entering into a contract with the phone provider allows people to get the phones of choice by making regular monthly payments for up to 24 months.

Despite the ease that comes with acquiring phone contracts, they are also very expensive. In many cases, the cost of a phone bought through contracts could surpass the cash tag with up to 70%. Despite this price being higher, many people end up paying even more and sinking into financial woes. In this post, we look at the main strategies that you can use to avoid paying more for a phone contract.

Do not cancel a guaranteed phone contract before it is over

After signing a phone contract and realizing that it is very expensive, some people opt out. However, opting out will be very expensive. Many phone companies use all ways to try and make the clients stick around. Often, cancelling a contract will attract a penalty that will almost match the remaining amount to clear the agreement. If you find that the phone company has hiked the calls, data, or SMS prices, the best thing is reaching the respective provider to have the issue rectified.

Only pick the phone with a contract matching personal needs

Picking a mobile phone contract in a hurry can be very expensive. Often, people end up in the wrong tariffs that raise the monthly cost with a huge margin. By carrying due diligence when searching for a phone contract, a buyer can get a perfect match so that he/she only pays for the required services. For example, if you call for 10 minutes, send several emails, and about 20 SMS per day, a good contract should have about 300 minutes, about 400mbs of data, and 600 SMS every month.

Negotiate the phone contract with the dealer

Often, some people argue that winning a phone contract is a great favour and rarely interrogate all the available options. Before signing that guaranteed mobile phone contract, it is prudent to compare what several dealers are offering. Then, negotiate for readjustment of the contract to have things working in your favour. For example, if you rarely text or use the internet but make a lot of calls, a good company will agree to allocate more talk time and fewer texts and data. This will be a great win for you.

Review the contract agreement to have punitive fees expunged

Often, many people end up paying a lot of money because the agreements come with hidden charges. Before you can sign that phone contract, make sure to review the terms and conditions carefully. Here, you should identify all the offensive clauses and ask the dealer to expunge them. For example, a clause that attaches a penalty for an early contract settlement, very high fees for late payment and cancellation should be removed or redone.