Why Cancelling a Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contract Should Be Made Easier

When Which Consumer Rights recently carried the article on the difficulties of cancelling a mobile phone contract, the market was jolted into a rather unusual discussion; what do I do when I am getting a raw deal? Getting a phone contract is considered prestigious because people can afford the latest smartphones by paying only a few pounds on a monthly basis. However, many are those who rarely scrutinize the contract’s details and end up paying more for services they rarely need.

Getting into the wrong phone contract is very costly. However, opting out is even more expensive. In this post, we support the Which Consumer Rights assertion that cancelling a guaranteed mobile phone contract should be made easier. Here is an account of the key methods of getting your phone contract cancelled.

The clients’ right to cancel the contract is rarely made clear

While the main objective is switching to the cheapest provider, it is prudent to establish clients’ rights to cancel the contracts. When signing the contract, it is prudent to check the personal rights to cancel the contract. Like Which Consumer Rights puts it, most companies have this clause in their policies, but it is hidden deep in the rules so that clients do not ask many questions. Often, many companies do not object your transfer, but demand that you clear the cost of the handset and additional penalties.

The charges of opting out are very high

From the moment you sign the guaranteed mobile phone contract, the target of the phone company is not simply seeing you through, but reaping optimally from you. That is how they make profits. Therefore, they make the charges for opting out very high so that you can prefer staying. They know that when you walk away, the business goes to a competitor. For example, if you had taken a 24 months phone contract, the company might require fees equivalent to 22 months. Instead of paying this, the better option is staying and bitterly paying the remaining charges faithfully.


The only free period to cancel your phone contract is very short

According to the Which Consumer Rights, consumers only have a very short window of cancelling their contracts without incurring additional charges. Immediately after signing the contract, you have a window of 14 days to test and establish whether the services are okay. If you do not like them, you can cancel the contract according to Consumer Contracts Regulations. Once you cancel, another 14 days are allowed for you to ship the product back to the seller.

Three things to watch out during your contract

  • Price hikes by the phone company: If this goes against the signed agreement, your rights have been violated and should be remedied.
  • Your right to keep the mobile number: If you opt out of the phone contract but want to keep the phone number, ask the current provider to provide the Porting Authorization Code.


The guaranteed mobile phone contracts are very rigid and always play to the peril of the clients. It is prudent to make the process of exiting an on-going contract easy, faster, and less punitive. However, clients should carry due diligence on the contracts they are signing to ensure they get only what they need and enjoy higher value for money.