About us

Since inception, Phoenix Phones has lived up to its promise of bettering the lives of thousands of UK citizens reeling from a poor credit rating and seeking to avail a phone contract. We understood early that a mobile phone is no longer a luxurious possession but rather a necessity. From the time we entered the UK market, we have been actively engaged in improving the situation of our customers by enlightening them about mobile phone contracts, how they work, how beneficial they are and the role they play in improving or worsening the credit score.

Our key aim is to ensure that our customers get value for their money, enjoy unforgettable guaranteed mobile phone deals and ensure that they turn around their credit score status for the better. Our customer personnel ascribe to best business practices, handle our customers with care and ensure that every single decision they make is informed. It doesn’t matter how bad your rating is, how many service providers have rejected your application or the type of handset you need. You therefore need to trust us to deliver, offer you the best deals and ensure that your experience with our affordable deals is unforgettable.